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India Holiday Packages

A Glance at India
By Seif Kamel

India had the slogan with the title ;Unity of Diversity when India celebrated 50 years from independence in 1997. Stretching from the snows of the Himalaya, to the tropical green fields of Kerala, from the sacred Ganges to the sand of the Thar Desert, India has a diversity that can never be found anywhere else in the whole world. This is why many tourists have chosen recently to India Tours.

If the tourists walk in any city or town in India, he will find himself viewing many people from different religions, several color of skin, and many castes and outcastes. The guests will also view different types of structures ranging from the Temples where rituals have been carried out for millenniums, many several mosques for Moslems, and echoes of the British Raj as well.

So much of the customs and traditions of the past still survive until today despite the fast pace of the life in India since the independence of 1947.

Stimulated by the reforms of the open-market that was carried out in the 1990s, the Indian economic revolution started with the deeds of Rajiv Gandhi, the six prime minster of India, who has transformed the city with new consumer goods, technologies, and style of life.

India, the lands where Buddha lived and taught people his thoughts and concepts and where the religious festivals are ancient, has become the second nation in the world in the production of computer software and it has its own satellite and nuclear weapons. India is a country where the past mingles with the present and the future.

However, all these advancements have only reflected the problems of India, the largest secular democracy in the world. Poverty remains a big problem with more than a quarter than the population affected; no other country in the world has the same slum areas as that of these in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

Tourists visiting India for the first time find it hard to see past these imposing disparities. Other guests to India would expect to see a rather ascetic community and they are surprised to find one of the most materialistic societies in earth. Many travelers who spend their India Vacations are usually amazed at the diversity of the country.

However, all the guests to India find them bewildered by the marvelous mixture they view in the Indian community and it remains as an utterly compelling destination.

The distinctive patina of India, the stream of life in its crowded markets, the unique musical films, cooking spices, and the traditions of the people, give the country a spell that is totally unique attracting many tourists to spend their holidays in India.

It doesn't make a difference if you hate India or fall in love in the country, but India will definitely change the way you look to the world.

The Best India Tours would be the simplest among them as it is impossible to see everything that India offers only in one visit, even if you spend one year in the country. The most important advice is to focus on one or two regions and to book a flexible tour to India. Since the Indian cities are always featured with the fast beat of life, travelers who are seeking relaxation can book tours that do not contain a visit to the cities.

The most favorite travel India Packages that include a visit to the many monuments of the country and exploration of the fertile plains is what is called the Golden Triangle.

This includes Delhi in the North, Agra, the Colonial capital and the house of the Taj Mahal, and the Pink City of Jupiter in Rajasthan, the most popular singular state in India that hosts the large numbers of travelers who come to enjoy its deserts, palaces, and historical forts. ;Many affordable tours to India can consist of visiting the Golden Triangle.

To the East of Delhi passing by the Ganges River, one of the most populated regions in India, there is the holy Hindu city of Varanasi. The guests can view the daily rituals of life and death based on the waterfront bathing places.

Further to the East, there is Kolkata, the capital of India for a very long time until the last century of the British Raj. Most travelers would follow the Ganges River to the nearby Nepal. However, all hiking and adventure fans should be aware that the Himalaya offers a marvelous experience. Many travelers who spend group tours in India prefer to pay a visit to Kolkata.

With Kashmir being recently off most of the tourist's tracks after the breakout of the civil war, Himachal Pradesh, the home of the Tibetan community including the Dali Lama himself, is always a great section to be visited in India.

There is also the remote province of Ladakh, with its magical lunar landscape and its rich monasteries and it is a different region to visit in India. One of Asia's highest peaks, the less visited niche of Uttarkhand, is located on the borders with Nepal. This region being the source of the Ganges River was a popular pilgrimage site for more than 1000 years.

Another region of interest in India would be Sikkim. Located north of Bengal, this region will offer amazing harboring scenery and a chance to view the traditional Buddhist rituals the same as in the neighboring country of Bhutan.

The Northern Hills States offers a huge diversity of landscape and more than half of the biodiversity of India. Moving to the south towards Kolkata, there is Konarak, the house of the marvelous Sun Temple, a huge carved pyramid that was discovered in the twenties century and it is one of the most remarkable monuments in the region that is included in many packages to India

Further south, we approach Tamil Nadu, the region that has always preserved its traditional architecture of towering gateways and magnificent temples.

The guests can spend a long time wondering between the holy sites of Kaveri Delta and the Nilgiri Hills draped in the Tea Terrace, the landmark of the Northern section of India.

Kerala, situated on the Southernmost tip of the country, is the most tropical and relaxed region in India. The lush backwaters teeming with the traditional wooden crafts, the red roofed villages and tall palm trees are quite remarkable.

On the Western coast of India, there is also Goa, famous for its many beaches and resorts that suit all needs and all budget ranges.

Afterwards, to the north, there is Mumbai, the large city that attracted thousands of internal immigrants leaving farming behind to come and work in industry. The city offers an unexceptional experience. Tourists who travel to India must pay a visit to Mumbai.

Many of the most notable monuments of India are located far inland in ancient forgotten trading routs. This includes the abundant city of Hampi, the painted and sculpted caves of Buda Maharashtra, and the great temple of Khajuraho.

With all these regions of interest, exciting activities to be done, and many monuments and historical sites, tourists who plan to have their vacations in India should choose the best packages that suit their needs. Goa would be the best destination for tourists who are planning to spend a relaxing tour in India.

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