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Group tour Egypt

Travel to Egypt to see the famous Valley of kings. Situated in the West Bank of Luxor, one of the most popular touristic cities in Egypt famous for its many monuments and antiquities visited by travelers who go on group tour Egypt, The Valley of the Kings is an ancient necropolis of the Pharaohs starting with the 18th dynasty to the 20th dynasty.

The Valley of the Kings hosts 62 tombs that were fabulously and richly decorated and painted with scenes of the afterlife, many religious inscriptions, and scenes of the everyday life of the ancient Egyptians.

The Pharaohs had many reasons to choose the exact location of the Valley of the Kings in particular. The kings of the New Kingdom has opt an isolated valley located at the back of one of the highest mountains located in the Western Bank of Thebes to hide their royal necropolis by digging their tombs deep inside the mountains away from thieves and to give the place a sacred sense.

The first King to be buried in the Valley of the Kings was Tuthmosis I in around 1500 BC and then in a long period of history to come, more than 60 other tombs were dug in the Valley of the Kings.

The other reason is that the Valley of the Kings has the ” Theban Peak”, the top of one of the high mountain that look exactly like a pyramid.

When François Champollion, the famous French scholar who was able to translate Hieroglyphic inscriptions that were found on the Rashid Stone, visited this ancient necropolis he gave it its famous name that is still used until today, the Valley of the Kings. This historical site has become a famous destination for many people who go for group tour Egypt every year.

The ancient Egyptians used to call the Valley of the King the great and august necropolis of the millions of years of the pharaohs and “Sekhet aa” or the great plain.

This burial site was so sacred for the Pharaohs and no one was allowed to enter the royal necropolis except in the funerary of a king. The “Medjay” was a special police troop that had no responsibility except guarding and monitoring the Valley of the Kings. They used to have regular Patrols to guard the passageways of the valley and to make sure the royal seals put at the doors of the tombs are still in place.

In spite of all these security measures, the Valley of the Kings started being stolen as early as the 20th dynasty and theses thefts went on for centuries afterwards to the extent that when European travelers, especially from France and England, came to visit the Valley starting from the 18th century all the tombs were fully emptied from its belongings except one tomb of King Tut Ankh Amun that was discovered intact in 1922 by Howard Carter. From this moment on all Egypt travel companies must include a visit to the Valley of the Kings to all their group tour Egypt.

The greatest contributor to the study of the Valley of the Kings was the famous English archeologist John Gardner Wilkinson who gave all the tombs number in 1827 with the abbreviation VK, or the Valley of the Kings. Many tourists whotravel to Egypt visit the Valley of the Kings as all custom tours to Egypt and group tour Egypt usually contain a day to visit the monuments of the West Bank of Luxor.

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