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Experiences Never to be Missed in Cairo

Cairo, the Egyptian capital, has too much to offer to its guests coming from all over the world to spend a wonderful vacation in Egypt. Other than hosting some of the most magnificent historical sites in the world, like the Pyramids of Giza and Saladin Citadel, there are some other experiences tourists should never miss.

Sailing down the Nile is one of these activities that is always worth the while. The style doesn’t really matter. Weather having a ride in a simple Felucca, the traditional Egyptian sailing boat, or having an elegant dinner in one of the Dinner Nile Cruise ships in Cairo with entertainment program. The most important thing is to experience sailing the Nile in Cairo.

Having an Egyptian meal is another thing tourists who travel to Egypt are encouraged to try. There are many tasty Egyptian dishes like Molokhiya, Kosharya, Kebab, Kofta, and many deserts like Basboosa, Konafa, and Mahalabeya. Make sure, while in Cairo, to try some of these dishes.

Shopping is another activity that is surely wonderful in Cairo. With touristic markets like Khan El Khalili and mega malls like City Stars, the Mall of Arabia, and Mall Misr, there are many amazing shopping experiences.

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