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Egypt Holiday

The historical saint Catharine is blessed with some amazing sites. All the places attract tourists form all over the world to see the remarkable beauty of Saint Catharine. Some of the places that mesmerizes completely are described below and are must for visiting Egypt Holiday.

The chapel of the burning bush

The chapel of the burning bush is the most sacred section of the monastery of Saint Catharine. This was the place where Moses, according to the Exodus, saw the bush which was on fire. However, the fire did not consume the bush and this was when Moses received the commands of god. This chapel was built on this burring bush and it is considered a holy land, as god told Moses, according to the Exodus. The most amazing feature of this chapel is that any attempt of cutting or burning the remains of the burning bush failed and the bush remains in its original place since the era when Moses received the commands of God.

The library of the Monastery

Much of the fame of the monastery of Saint Catharine is contributed to its rich library that hosts many historical manuscripts. The library is located to the South of the Basilica of Transfiguration. This library includes a large collection of rare Coptic books. This is besides a number of documents and firmans that different rulers and caliphs have given to the monastery. The most famous manuscript in the library of the monastery of Saint Catharine is the one that was sent by prophet Mohamed informing the monks that they can safely and securely and that they can go on with their rituals.

The library consists of three chambers that contain thousands of historical books and manuscripts written in the Arabic, Greek, and Syriac languages speaking about different topics like history, geography, Philosophy and different sciences.

The mosque of Al Hakim Be Amr Allah

Isn't it strange that such a historical monastery has a mosque? Yes, the monastery hosts a small mosque, located in front of the transfiguration basilica. It was built in 1106 AD by the Vizier Abu Al Nasser Anoshtaqein in the reign of Al Hakim Be Amr Allah. The mosque was erected using mud bricks and granite.

The Mount Sinai

The Mount Sinai or the Mountain of Moses is the most famous mountain in Sinai and thousands of tourists from around the world who travel to Egypt visit this amazing mountain and climb to its top that is 7363 meters above sea level. The mountain was named after the prophet Moses because he used to climb to the top of the mountain and converse with god for forty days until he received the commandments. When visitors, who go on Egypt tours, climb on top of this fabulous mountain, they can watch the most breathtaking scenery especially in at dawn when the sun rises sending its warm rays over the mountains in a magnificent portrait. A small church was erected at the top of the Mount Sinai and there is a small mosque beside it as a symbol of the unification people of Egypt

The Mount Catharine

The Mount Catharine is the highest mountain in Egypt being 8563 meters above sea level. The mountain was named after Saint Catharine because, according to the monks, the angels have lifted the soul of Saint Catharine, after she was murdered in Alexandria in 307 AD and transferred it to the top of this mountain. Many Egypt travel companies organize affordable tour to visit the Mount Catharine where travelers are able to view a vast section of the Sinai Peninsula from the top of the mountain including the Aqaba Gulf, the Suez Gulf, and many other regions.

Saint Catharine Protected Area

The protected area of Saint Catharine has a surface area of around 4300 meters offering a wonderful chance for organizing fabulous Safari for group tour Egypt and costume tours to Egypt. This area was declared as a natural protected area in 1988 and since that time it has received many travelers from all around the world. The protected area of Saint Catharine is featured with distinctive characteristics with historical heritage that is different from any other place in Egypt.

The best way to enjoy a safari trip in Saint Catharine is to ride a camel and go on an Egypt Tour the way the ancient Egyptians used to do. Many Bedouin tribes live in this section of Sinai since ancient times and picking an Egypt travel package that includes visiting this protected area will offer an amazing chance to get to know the lives of this matchless community.

The flora and fauna of Saint Catharine

Many Egypt packages include to Sinai include a visit to Saint Catharine, to observe the greatness of the monastery, enjoy the nature of the area, and watch unique breeds of plants and animals. Many matchless medical and poisonous plants grow only in this section of Sinai. These plants include special breeds of thyme, wormwood, Agram, Tarffa, and Sakran. There are also many natural water springs in the Saint Catharine which the tribes who live there use for their source of water and some of them have historical importance like the Zaytoona well and the Haroun Well.

There is a variety of wild animals that live in Saint Catharine including wild foxes, deer, Hyenas, wolves, rabbits, harts, hedgehogs, and many reptiles as well. Bird watching is among the most popular activities to be done in Saint Catharine. Travelers who go on holidays in Egypt are able to view a vast selection of birds including eagles, falcons, ospreys, and some breeds that only live in Saint Catharine