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Dijon Cathedral in France

The Cathedral of Dijon dedicated to Saint Benignus is one of the most distinctive Roman Catholic Churches of France. Located in the small town of Dijon, it became the center of the Dijon in the period of the French Revolution. Today, there are numerous tourists who visit the cathedral every day as part of their travel packages to France.

The Cathedral of Dijon travelers who tour France view today and admire its marvelous decoration elements date back to the period between the end of the 13th century till the beginning of the 14th century. Nowadays, the church serve as a museum with many remarkable relics of the Middle Ages and some amazing Roman ornaments.

The church is also quite spacious with many remarkable pillars that date back to more than 500 years and the ornamented glass with its various colors. A good idea as well for tourists who enjoy their holiday in France is to visit the Cathedral of Dijon in the evening when its lit from outside as the scene would be quite impressive.
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