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Delhi at Glance

Delhi is one of the most ancient cities of India that is full of historical monuments, traditions, and various cultures.

Delhi was the seat of the government of seven dynasties throughout the long history of India. The city has witnessed many violent battles and greatest celebrations as well. Delhi hosts a large number of travelers who love to spend their holidays in India

Delhi, the second largest city in India after Mumbai, is located in the Northern section of the country and the city has more than 15 million inhabitants.

The name of Delhi

No historians or scholars were ever able to know the origins of the name Delhi as there are many probabilities. The first one is that the city was named after the name of the King Murian Raja Delio.

Another probability is that the name Deli was derived from the Persian word Dehlise which means corridor in English. Others believe that the word Delhi was created from the Hindus word Deli that means the border in the English language.

The city hosts one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world that started taking an advanced position in comparison to other cities in the globe.

Delhi is the city that is hard to define because of the many contradictions. With its own magic, Delhi attracts hundreds of tourists who travel to India every year.

Since ancient times, Delhi has always played an important role in the Indian history. The city has served as the administrational center of the kingdom from the 13th till the 17th century. In the beginning of the 20th century, the British authorities occupying India decided to make Delhi the new capital of the country.

Delhi has an amazing mixture between the modern 21st century skyscrapers and new buildings and the historical architectural constructions as well. A tour to India is never completed and comprehensive without visiting Delhi as most of the India travel packages start here.

The highlights of Delhi

The Red Fort of Delhi is one of the most important historical sites of the city with its iron walls and balconies overlooking most of the ancient part of the city.

The Red Fort was constructed by Emperor Shah Jahan who ruled over India from 1628 till 1658, leaving behind the most impressive structure the Taj Mahal Mausoleum that he built for his wife.The fort was beautifully designed and constructed in the Mogul style that was the architectural type popular in the 17th century in India.

There is also the Lahore gate that is situated in the Western section of the Red Fort. This gate was an important symbol of the struggle to gain freedom and it is still considered as holy for many sectors of the Indian population. The Lahore Gate has become a famous touristic spot for travelers coming in group tours to India

In front of the Red Fort, the Mosque of Jama is situated and it is the largest religious structure ever constructed in India. The mosque was built in 1656 by Shah Jahan and five thousand workers and sculptors have participated in its building process that remained for more than six years.

The mosque, being constructed in the Mogul style of architecture, can host up to 25 thousand people. It consists of two marvelously decorated minarets, four towers, three holy gates, and the walls were coated with red stones and white marble. The mosque also has 15 marble domes that were based on 260 large pillars.Many affordable tours to India can be organized to explore the greatness of the Jama Mosque

Another piece of remarkable art is situated in the center of Delhi. The mausoleum of Emperor Humayun, the ruler of India during two periods of time; the first from 1530 till 1540 and the second from 1555 till 1556, is as amazing as Taj Mahal from the architectural aspect. This structure was built during the sixth century by the wife of the emperor as a memory of this famous king.

Another famous monument located in Delhi is the well-known Gate of India. This structure consists of a huge arch that is 42 meters high and it was constructed in the memory of the Indian soldiers who were killed in World War I.

Near the Gate of India, Jantar Mantar, the structure that was built by King Jai Singh II during the 8th century as an astronomy institution.

The Indian government has taken many measures in our recent days to preserve the historical monuments of the city of Delhi with a national plan to restore 100 historical structures in the city. This is besides many other historical sites that will be developed to welcome tourists from all around the world.

The different sections of Delhi

Delhi can actually be divided these days into six main sections. The first being old Delhi and this is where all the historical monuments like Jama Mosque and the Red Fort is located

The second section of Delhi is Lutyen and this where the Parliament of India, the house of the president, and the most important figures of the Indian Capital is located.

The Southern section of Delhi is the entertainment section of the city that hosts many theatres, night clubs, shops, and restaurants. There are also some monuments in this section including Qutb Minar, the highest minaret in the whole world.

The development of the city of Delhi

The city of Delhi has developed greatly to welcome the Delhi Commonwealth Games that were held in the city in the summer of 2010. Many public services and facilities have been improved to please the tourists coming from all over the world to spend their vacations in India, and the locals in the same time.

Delhi was granted to have the first underground metro line in India with a length of 100 kilometers. The locals living in the city were amazed with this new facility that some of them have ridden the metro just to try a new experience. This is besides the new airport that was opened in the city lately.

Delhi is also famous for offering its guests with the most delicious food and Indian dishes famous for its exotic spices. The city hosts some remarkable restaurants that offer the traditional Indian dishes for tourists who spend their India tour in the city.

Delhi is the main point in the Indian Golden Triangle of touristic cities that include, beside Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. This is why Delhi is the perfect destination to start one or two days tours to these two other impressive Indian cities. Many custom tours to India include visiting the Golden Triangle.

Delhi is a city with a unique type of magic and a wonderful destination to admire the Indian food, music, arts, and all sorts of entertainment. The city offers the tourists with a distinctive sort of vacation that they would never ever forget. Visitors who travel to India usually start their trip from Delhi.

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