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Day tours from Safaga Port

While your ship is landing in the Safaga Port on the Red Sea shores of Egypt, why miss the chance to explore marvelous places in Egypt? There are many day and half-day tours to enjoy from Safaga to various places in Egypt

A tourist can enjoy a day trip to Cairo. He would be able to explore monuments like the Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, Saladin Citadel, the Khan El Khalili touristic market. This is one of the most recommended day tours from Safaga.

Other options include exploring the wonders of Luxor. The highlights would include the Karnak, Luxor, and Hatshepsut ancient temples. This is in addition to the Valley of the Kings and much more.

Another great idea, for a shorter ride as well, is to go to Hurghada, less than 160 kilometers away from Safaga. One can enjoy a submarine ride to view the treasures of the Red Sea or go diving or snorkeling. Never miss the chance to explore the land of the Nile while you are in Egypt.

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