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Custom Tour to Egypt

Make custom Tour to Egypt for "Sharm El Sheikh". Sharm El Sheikh, the most popular Egyptian resort worldwide and the touristic capital of Sinai, has grown widely during the past twenty years to compete with other international resorts in Europe. Much Custom tour to Egypt would most probably include spending two or three nights enjoying Sharm El Sheikh.

The history of Sharm El Sheikh

The city of Sharm El Sheikh was established in the period from 1967 to 1970 when Israel occupied the city and the Sinai Peninsula as a whole. From this time on, many hotels, international resorts, and diving centers have been opened in Sharm El Sheikh which welcomes a large number of tourists who travel to Egypt from all around the world, especially from Europe, every year.

The city of Sharm El Sheikh has mainly grown over the past years around the area of Naama Bay, the area of the city that hosts all the shops, cafes, restaurants, and nightspots nowadays.

Over the years, Sharm El Sheikh has developed to be the most important touristic destination in Sinai and in the Red Sea.

The meaning of the word Sharm El Sheikh

The word "Sharm" means bay and the word "Sheikh" means the old man in the Arabic language. Therefore, the name Sharm El Sheikh can be translated into the Bay of the Old Arabic man.

With a surface area that is estimated to be around 424 square kilometers, Sharm El Sheikh is considered to be the largest city in Sinai and one of the most important touristic destinations in the Middle East.

The geographical location of Sharm El Sheikh

The international fame that Sharm El Sheikh has gained over the past few decades and the attention of the Egyptian authorities which the city has grabbed and resulted in the renewal of its infrastructure and roads can all be contributed to its significant geographical location.

Being at the far end of the Southern borders of the Sinai Peninsula situated on the Red Sea where the sea is divided into the Aqaba Gulf to the East and the Suez Gulf to the West made Sharm El Sheikh enjoy the most matchless location. Sharm El Sheikh, having the most magnificent beaches on the Red Sea, became one of the most popular diving and snorkeling spots in Egypt for the Egyptians and for travelers who go on Egypt vacations.

Sharm El Sheikh Today

All sorts of services and facilities of international standards are offered to the guests of Sharm El Sheikh and the population of the city that has grown over the past few years to reach fifty thousand persons and the number is still rising especially with the increase of the travel business in the whole region.

One of the most amazing features of Sharm El Sheikh is that the city is always offering something new to the guests and travelers coming to the city from all over the world. There is always a party in one of the nightspots spread all over the city. Many Egypt travel companies which organizes group tours to Egypt can offer affordable tours to Sharm El Sheikh as the city hosts hotels of all classes and different ranks

Many events are organized in the city all year round including fishing competitions, political conferences and meetings, Yoga and meditation events, dancing competitions, parties, and concerts. Maybe this was why Sharm El Sheikh was chosen by the UNESCO as one best cities in the world in the competition that included 400 cities from different regions around the globe.
Sharm El Sheikh is among the cities that have become internationally famous for resting and relaxation.

Sharm El Sheikh hosts more than 200 hotels that were designed as wonderful resorts offering a wide variety of services and facilities. The hotel has all kinds of entertainment including class Resultants offering oriental, Egyptian, and international dishes. This is besides, nightclubs, disco, gambling casinos, horse riding, tennis and football courts, golf courses, parks for children, and water skiing. Many tourists who book Egypt travel packages like to visit Sharm El Sheikh.

Many international figures and superstars have visited Sharm El Sheikh during the past years including Tony Blair, the British prime minster and Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife who have all visited the city and enjoyed their time there. Many people from around the world love to have Egypt Vacations their and in Sinai in particular.

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