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Contemporary Sites Worth Visiting in Cairo

Tourists who travel to Egypt are usually overwhelmed by the ancient monuments of Cairo, the Egyptian capital, as they miss many remarkable contemporary places to explore in the city.

The Cairo Tower would come on top of the list. Offering magnificent views of the city, the Cairo Tower was built in 1960s under the leadership of Gamal Abdel El Nasser, former Egyptian president. Located in the distinctive island of Zamalek, a visit to the Cairo Tower would be great at the sunset time.

There is also the Azhar Park, one of the most pleasant gardens in Cairo. Overlooking Islamic Cairo, the park offers some wonderful views of many monuments. The walk in the Azhar Park is also quite enjoyable.

There are also some notable museums in Cairo like the Railway Museum, the Postal Museum, the Agriculture Museum, and many other wonderful places to explore for tourists who enjoy their vacations in Egypt.

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