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Aspects of the Chinese Culture
By Seif Kamel

China is a country with a long rich history and this made the country one of the most distinctive places to visit. People visiting China should know that they are approaching a culture that is diverse and mainly different than what they are used to especially if they come from Europe or the states. Many tourists travel to China mainly to view the diversity of the Chinese culture.

If a tourist is traveling to China, he has to know that he is about to explore one of the most sophisticated cultures in the world that is featured with many characteristics.


Spas providing feet massage have become quite spread all over China. Many people think that is actually a new trend that was brought around by the people of China. However, the foot is one of the major sections of the body according to the Chinese sciences.

The Western medicine views the foot as a mean of moving around and this is it. However, the issue for the Chinese people is actually much deeper. Practitioners of the old traditional Chinese reflexology believe that bodily healthy is reflected on the sole and that each organ is connected to a certain reflex point in the foot. Reflexology has become quite popular among tourists spending their vacations in China.

With exact and skilful manipulation of these certain points many body functions can be improved like blood circulation, the eliminations of toxins, and relaxation of the nerves of the body. Many affordable tours to China include a Chinese foot massage.  

The guest would sit on a relaxing chair in one of the Chinese foot spas. It wouldn't be hard to locate one as they are all over China now. After a few minutes, your massage giver will be able to give an accurate exact health diagnosis indicating if you smoke, if you have problems in your digestion system, or maybe if you suffer from some sleeping difficulties. They will be also able to give you some cures.

Visiting a reflexology therapist would be very interesting for anybody who is spending a China Vacations.

The Chinese Chess

It wouldn't be strange if the guest walks in any parks that are spread all over China; he will see some people playing the Chinese Chess. Walking in parks and gardens are among the activities that tourists enjoy during their China Escorted Tour.

Being similar in some aspects to the international chess, the Chinese Chess or the xiangqi have some remarkable culture significances that one can learn.

The kings in the western chess can move around the board, while in the Chinese Chess, the king can never leave the castle, a box in the far three rows of the board. 

Moreover, the Chinese chess has no bishops, but there are the Shi, who stay in the castle to protect the king from any threats.

The Chinese culture that invented the gunpowder has artillery in their chess game. Cannons can jump over the board for carrying out long range strikes

The similar playing pieces include the horses which play the same role of western horses in chess but they can never pass a blocking piece. The chariots in the Chinese Chess move like rooks. Among one of the most popular defensive strategies include that when the common soldiers, with the name Bing in China, reaches the enemies' line, they become more effective and engage in more strategic plans.

The Chinese People

If people say that the United States is the melting point of different civilizations, then China is hot bubbling pot where different diverse meats, spices, rice, and vegetables mixing them greatly all together.

Other than the Han, the original inhabitants of the country, China consists of 52 minority groups that from the Chinese population.  These minorities have always been a force to be put into consideration throughout the Chinese history.

Although the Chinese history holds many examples of inter tribal struggles, between the minorities themselves, and between the Han and other tribes when the Han wanted to have their incursion in other lands, with the Tibet being the most famous and most recent example, the Chinese revolution has leveled all the important key players in the Chinese community.

When a guest travels in areas not dominant by the Han population, he will find a world that is different from what he can view in cities like Peking or Shanghai.  He can view a large diversity of peoples and cultures in other locations like the "Silk Road", the old trading rout of Asia that has become a wonderful part of many group tours to China.

The Chinese Tea

For most Chinese, the day has to begin with tea and ends with tea. Whether it is being served in elegant porcelain cup or just in a small traditional glass, imbiber, we must know that the Chinese People love tea and respect it very much the same. Drinking the traditional tea is nice to try while the traveler is enjoying his China Travels.

If one asks a Chinese about the best types of tea, the answer will differ from one person to the other depending on where was this person brought up and his social background as well.

The famous prized Pu'er Tea is rather black and heavy; it tastes like the earth, according to some common words in China. This type of tea gets its name from the province of Yunnan where it is actually planted.

Fujian produces the best Wulong tea because of the wonderful climate and high mountains and plateaus in the area. The Wulong is usually presented in celebrations and ceremonies. Most tourists who travel to China usually taste the Wulong tea.

The most expensive type of tea in China is some type of Green tea that is planted in Longjing. It is usually served in clear glass so the imbiber can enjoy the marvelous color of the tea and view the dance of the thin leaves flowing from above till them rich the bottom of the glass.
Bicycling in China

China was named, not so long ago, the Kingdom of bicycling. However, with the large spread of cars all over the country, the large waves of bicycles that used to fill the streets in China has become much less. Nevertheless, bicycles are still very important for many Chinese people.

Most hotels in China can help their guests hire a bicycle for any period of time ranging from half an hour till days and weeks if the travelers are really into bicycling. Actually riding a bicycle in China would be a blast as the country has a lot of scenery to be viewed while one is enjoying his ride. A bicycle ride can always be included in a custom tour to China. 

Despite the pollution and many cars and different types of vehicles moving all around, Peking is still among the best cities to bicycle in China. There are some narrow lanes and routs where it is impossible to use the car and the bicycle would be the best choice.

The heart of Xian, the famous Chinese ancient city, is best to be explored by a bike. Many other cities like Shanghai and Chengdo would be great bicycling locations in China

The Shopping Malls of China

Due to the large numbers of cars and taxis in many cities in China like Peking and Shanghai shopping in the malls, where there is less pollution and less noise, has become quite popular during the past few years.

Chinese malls are really thrilling to visit because of the diversity of the products, gifts, and goods that are offered in hundreds of shops all around. There are many malls to discover, enjoy your time, buy what you like, and enjoy a nice meal.  Visiting the many malls of China has become very popular among travelers who spend exciting China tour.

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