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Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo

Although the Jewish history in Egypt extends to the era of the Old Testament and the Pharaonic period, only a few Jewish monuments remained in Egypt until today. Some Egypt travel packages include visits to various Jewish monuments around the country.

Perhaps the most famous Jewish monument in the land of the Nile is the Ben Ezra Synagogue located in Coptic Cairo, near downtown in the Egyptian capital.

The Ben Ezra Synagogue was factually a church that was established during the 8th century. However, almost all the sections of the church were badly damaged by the 11th century and the land was sold to Ben Ezra, a Rabbi who originates from Jerusalem who built this distinctive Synagogue in Cairo.

The extensive restoration works carried out in the Ben Ezra Synagogue in 1980s unearthed many several rare manuscripts and other historically significant documents. Today, many tourists who travel to Egypt would pay the Ben Ezra Synagogue a visit.

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