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Bab Oudaia Gate in Morocco

Many historians, the same as tourists who travel to Morocco, think that the Bab Oudaia is the most remarkable gates ever established in the kingdom. It is in fact the gate to one of the most distinctive Kasbahs in Morocco.

Established by the most famous kings of Almohad dynasty, Al Mansour, the Bab Oudaia Gate was built at the end of the 12th century in 1195 AD. The gate is popular for its marvelous decorations and ornaments. Today, a visit to the Kasbah of Rabat is included in many travel packages to Morocco.

The Kasbah was the Moroccan version of forts. This was the seat of the Sultans and high officials. It was where they resorted to in case of attacks or problems. Tours to Morocco would commonly include visits to various Kasbahs located all over the country.

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