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Avignon in France

Avignon is one of the most interesting historical towns in France. Located in the South Eastern section of the country, Avignon is nicknamed as the city of the popes. This because seven popes lived in the city in a long period of time from the 14th till the 18th century. Today many tourists who travel to France are keen to explore the historical sites of Avignon.

Among the most interesting historical sites of Avignon, there is the Palace of the Popes. This fortress and large palace served as the residence of the popes in the city. There is also the impressive Cathedral of Avignon which serves as the seat of the Archbishop of Avignon. The cathedral was constructed in the 14th century with many sections rebuilt, including the bell tower, in the 15th century.

Among the most interesting places to explore while visiting Avignon, there is the Roman aqueduct at the Port du Gard. Include in the World Hertiage Sites of the UNESCO in 1985, the Roman aqueduct is among the largest and most preserved all over the world.

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