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Affordable tour to Egypt

Affordable tours are basically needs of every one. One can go for vacation or on trip only if they afford it. Right-travel provides various affordable tour packages to Egypt and many more places. Affordable tours are ranging from $450 to $999 and from Africa to South America covering countries from Egypt to Peru. Saint Catharine is one of the best place to visit in Egypt

Saint Catharine

The Monastery Of saint Catharine is one of the few Coptic monuments that have remained in its original shape and condition until today, even after the Arabs Conquest of Egypt in 640 AD.

This historical site is considered to be one of the most important and sacred Christian and Jewish religious locations in the whole world. This is because of the many Christian Churches and the Mountain of Moses which are all situated in the area of the Saint Catharine. Many travelers who go on Egypt vacations prefer to visit the area of Saint Catharine during their trip in Egypt.  

The area of Saint Catharine was declared as a natural protected area with a surface area of 4300 kilometers, being the largest protected area in Egypt before it was added to the UNESCO Heritage List in 2002.
The location of Saint Catharine

The small town and the monastery of Saint Catharine are located in the Middle of the Sinai Peninsula on a plateau that is 1600 above sea level. The monastery is situated 300 kilometers to the East of the Suez Canal, 305 kilometers to the North of the coastal city of Sharm El Sheikh, and 398 kilometers to the South East of Cairo the capital after passing the Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel over the Suez Canal.  Although, Saint Catharine is located relatively far from the Egyptian capital and far from the Nile Valley, many Egypt travel companies include a visit to this area in their Egypt Holiday packages.  

Saint Catharine is surrounded by the highest mountains in Sinai including the Mount Sinai, and the Mount Catharine, the highest mountain of the peninsula and in Egypt.  This location made the area of Saint Catharine have a distinguished climate that is different than any other regions in Egypt as it is usually moderate in the summer, very cold in the winter.

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