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Regions and Cities to Explore during your Vacation to India

During a vacation in India, the same as many rich remarkable various destinations around the world, it is hard to explore all the interesting cities and monuments just in one single trip. This is why tourists who travel to India has to plan ahead their holidays to get the best of them. The famous saying goes that if you spend a whole year exploring India, this would not be enough to visit all the interesting places. This is why travel experts assert that tourists who plan to have a holiday in India should focus their trip in two or three regions.

The most popular touristic region in India is surely the Golden Triangle. This famous area that mainly consists of three renowned cities; Delhi, the capital of the country, Agra, hosting the famous Taj Mahal Mausoleum, and Jaipur, nicknamed as the pink city, with its many attractions. The Golden Triangle is one of the most popular regions among tourists who travel to India.

Rajasthan, where Jaipur is located, is one of the most interesting places to explore during your vacation in India. With its wonderful desert scenery and marvelous natural phenomenon, Rajasthan is one magnificent area in India to explore.Situated in the Eastern section of Delhi, there is the Ganges River which leads to some of the most crowded cities of India. Moving on with this interesting river, we reach Varanasi, the most sacred Hindu city in the country. Some travelers who visit India would love to explore such cities.

Moving deeper towards the East direction, travelers who tour India would reach Calcutta, the previous capital of India until the beginning ofthe 20 th century. The city represents all the problems modern day India suffer from. However, there are some remarkable contemporary sites that are always worth exploring by tourists who travel to India.

Most tourists spending their vacations in India would follow the East direction of the Ganges River to reach Nepal at the end; for another magnificent experience.

Nevertheless, those usually miss the marvelous trekking opportunities offered by the Indian section of the Himalayas. Of course, Kashmir, since the outburst of civil war, is totally of the touristic track of the country, other areas of interest include Pradesh, the home to the Tibetan community and the Dalai Lama which welcomes several tourists who travel to India.

For travelers who are of fond of more adventurous vacations in India, there is the Uttarakhand. Located on the borders between India and Nepal, this area offers some of the world’s highest peaks and some wonderful adventures for camping and hiking fans enjoying their vacations in India.

An important monument is situated to the South of Calcutta near the shores. The city of Konarak hosts the renowned Sun Temple. Consisting of a huge stone carved pyramid made out of stones, it was discovered in the beginning of the 20 th century. This is one remarkable monuments tourists who visit India are encouraged to explore.

Tourists who visit India and prefer a more relaxing vacation, Kerala would be your most perfect choice. Located at the westernmost section of the Indian subcontinent, Kerala is famous for its wonderful yet simple life and amazing natural scenery.