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Exploring Tanzanian Culture

Tanzania is famous for its harmonizing behaviors. The saying goes that it is quite difficult to ruffle a Tanzanian! These tribal conflicts common in many countries located nearby do not exist in Tanzania. Religious problems are also rare. It is evident to any tourist who spends his vacation in Tanzania that Moslems and Christians live loveably side by side.

Although in some certain cases, political conflicts take place in Tanzania especially in the Island of Zanzibar, these problems never appear in the forefront and never cause any troubles for tourists who travel to Tanzania.

A strong social code is spread all over the Tanzanian community where respect and courtesy are quite common. Greetings, for example, are vital, before inquiring about anything or asking for help. A simple ‘hello’ would be a necessary gesture. Almost all tourists who visit Tanzania, especially those who travel with a reputable travel agency, rarely face problems during their trips. 

Similar to many developing countries in Africa, daily activities in Tanzania revolve around making ends meet and trying to earn bread for the family. The Tanzanian economy is ranked among the poorest in the entire globe. This is among the main reasons locals treat tourists who spend their vacations in Tanzania warmly as they know tourism plays a significant role in their economy.

One of the most commonly found foods Tanzanians usually eat is Ugali. This is a mixture of maize or cassava or both blended together usually. Several houses in the country are mainly under construction, or as a matter of fact awaiting the financial abilities to be completed.

On the side of life, like any other place around the world, there is the elite section of the country. This mainly consists of governmental and ministerial employees who drive 4 wheels’ vehicles and live in lavish districts of the capital, Dar El Salam. Many hotels in the country offer luxurious services and facilities to travelers who tour Tanzania. It’s sad to know that most of the students in Tanzania do not make it to secondary schools. Therefore, they try their best to find any working opportunities although this is usually hard due to the lack of resourcesand chances.

 Family is the center of most of the activities of the locals of Tanzania. Every member of the family has to attend normal occasions like weddings, even funerals, and gatherings as well. The only excuse not to be present in such occasions is to have work of course.

Similar to many several societies, men, especially the elders, rule the family. Children are in the lowest level of hierarchy, while women are only a level above. Taking care of the children is the main task of women while men are responsible for breadwinning. However, lately a group of working women began emerging in the Tanzanian society. Spending a holiday in Tanzania and mingling with the local community is some experience tourists should never miss. Although most of the factors and information mentioned here would apply to many societies over the world, each and every community has its own unique magic.