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The Environment in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the most marvelous African destination that has always been popular among tourists from Europe in particular and from all over the world as well. Thanks to the natural beauty of the country that grabs the attention of numerous tourists to spend their vacations in Tanzania.

With a surface area of around one million square kilometers, 943,000 sq. km, Tanzania is the biggest country located in the region of Eastern Africa. The Indian ocean is located to the east of the country. The deep lakes of the Western Rift valley occupy its western borders. The marvelous beaches encourage several tourists to spend their vacations in Tanzania.

Inland, in Tanzania the terrain rises to become mountains adding a new dimension to the geography and environment of the country. This plateau has an average that ranges from 800 to more than 1800 meters. These sections are located to the West and to the East of the Western Rift Valley.

The Eastern Arc comprises an important section of the mountains of Tanzania. Another interesting group of mountains is located to the south and it is called the Southern Highlands. These mountains receive a large number of tourists who travel to Tanzania searching for excitements and adventure.

Tanzania also enjoys having a number of rivers. The largest among them is the is Rufiji which runs from the Southern Highlanders to the coasts of the country. This is where many wild animals live. Many tourists who travel to Tanzania are keen to explore the National Protected Parks that host a huge number of various wild animals and birds.

The fauna of Tanzania is quite diverse and rich. The animal kingdom of the country hosts more than 400 species that form more than 4 million animals living around the surface area of the country. In fact, it is this marvelous diversity of animals that attract a huge number of tourists who travel to Tanzania.

The various types of animals in Tanzania include elephants, zebras, wild beasts, buffaloes, hippos, giraffes, deer, and much much more. Serengeti National Park has a huge number of lions, tigers, and cheetahs. This is one of the most magnificent places where tourists who spend their holidays in Tanzania spend wonderful times.

The Mahale Mountain National Park, on the other hand, has the largest collection of monkeys and chimpanzees.  There are a group of quite remarkable national parks in Tanzania that would offer marvelous experiences for vacationers who travel to Tanzania.

Bird watching fans would be having their most amazing dreams in Tanzania with more than 1000 types of various birds. This is in addition to more than 6000 types of insects. This makes Tanzania a place where travelers spending their vacations would really view the whole world with all the kinds and species of different creatures.