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Serengeti Sunrise Balloon Safari & Breakfast
Take off in your hot air balloon as you watch the sunrise over the Serengeti. Drift above the beautiful landscape, watching wild game roam the vast plains below. At the end of your flight, enjoy a sumptuous champagne breakfast laid out in the wild African savanna. Dine on eggs, sausages, and bacon, all cooked over a charcoal fire in the bush. Continue game viewing as you take a leisurely drive back to camp. *Please note that departure time for this excursion is necessarily very early in the morning, 5 AM or earlier. Approximate tour duration is 2 hours. Agility is required to embark and disembark the balloon basket. Wildlife viewing, quantity and species of animals seen is dependent upon local conditions including weather, wind and seasonal migration patterns. **Please note, the take-off time and the duration of the flight and tour may vary due to weather conditions. Balloon rides will vary and can take up to an hour. **Due to limited capacity, advanced booking is recommended for this tour. Please be advised that this is not an exclusive tour.