Mexico Sightseeing

Oaxaca Sightseeing
Half Day Monte Alban
Explore the extraordinary archaeological site of Monte Albán, an ancient center of Zapotec and Mixtec culture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.. After a short drive, arrive at the impressive pre-Columbian ruins, located on a mountaintop with stunning views of the Oaxaca Valley. Tour the complex, filled with temples, pyramids, a ball court, magnificent tombs and learn about the Zapotec culture. Afterward, return back to the hotel. Approximate tour duration is 4 hours.
Puebla Sightseeing
Half Day Cholula with lunch
A short drive from Puebla transports you to the city of Cholula with its more than 3,000 years of history. After lunch at a local restaurant, begin the exploration of the city and marvel at the Mexican Baroque style churches. Continue to the Great Pyramid, the largest pyramid in the world. There will be free time to wander through its tunnels, visit the church of los Remedios at the top and admire panoramic views of the area. Approximate tour duration is 4 hours.
San Miguel de Allende Sightseeing
Half Day Dolores Hidalgo Tour
Travel to the charming city of Dolores Hidalgo, where the seeds for the independence of modern day Mexico started. It was at the foot of its main church that Father Miguel Hidalgo ignited the insurgence against the Spanish in 1810. The tour begins at the tree-lined Zocalo, a popular meeting point view the magnificent monument dedicated to Mexico’s national heroes. Next, visit the beautiful baroque church followed by a delicious homemade ice cream tasting from one of the many street vendors around the main square. Be adventurous and try the different exotic flavors After, visit a “talavera” factory to see how local colorful ceramics are made before returning to San Miguel Allende.